How Do I Find The Secret Code


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Hi proudwvhilljack,


Secrets are stored in BTSync files. If you want to get a secret to share it - take a look at Sync'ed folders in BTSync properties, there are several ways to share them (copy to clipboard, copy a read-only part of a secret, display secret as QR code, etc.)


Sharing of a secret and security of it's delivery is up to you. You can mail it, type in manually, share thru instant messenger, scan with QR scanner, etc. 

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The Anderoid app is missing a method to show the secret for a folder. I recently had the use case where I got a new PC, installed BTSync and wanted to add my folders again and all I had left were the folders on my mobile phone (and the old PC was not usable anymore). There is no comfortable way to display/email the existing secrets from my mobile phone to my new PC.


The Android app should have menu items for each folder: "show secret", "copy secret to clipboard" and "send secret (mail, etc.)".

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