Detecting File Changes On Freenas Seems To Have Issues

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I have a FreeNAS 9.2.0 computer setup with a jail containing btsync.

I wanted to test that btsync detects any additions of files via Samba/CIFS so a possible sync is made as soon as possible to other units connected to the share via btsync. I deliberately changed the "folder_rescan_interval" to 36000 (10 hours) to ensure that it wasn't the rescan that triggered the new sync.

After this I added a file via my samba share, but the added file isn't syned on the other units :-(.

In the btsync faq it says:

"When a file is added to the shared folder, the changes start syncing immediately (due to system peculiarities, sync on Mac OS X 10.6 may be delayed up to 10 minutes)".

Can this limitation be the same on FreeNAS?

Any ideas?

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4 hours ago, Gane O'dwyer said:

@sbhouchen In general OS notification on Linux based devices work not really good and for this reason you have to wait a folder rescan intervak to be completed. But you can edit the value of the OS notifications as described here ->


This worked -- thanks!!

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