Btsync Eats All Cpu On Raspberry Pi


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hello, I setup btsync on my rapsberrypi model B, added some overclocking, serving as one way backup server with external disk.


Unfortunately btsync is eating all my cpu, even during time there is nothing to sycnhronize. I know raspberry is not very strong machine, however I wouldn't expect so bad performance with btsync. I read the manual and set all the properties refering somehow to performance. I even tried to send logs to /dev/null to prevent btsync write on sdcard too often. But nothing really helped.


Using btsync 1.2.82 from AUR. Here is the config file and service script:

/usr/bin/btsync --config /home/pi/.config/btsync/btsync.conf --nodaemon
 "storage_path" : "/mnt/backup/.btsyncStorage",  "check_for_updates" : false,  "use_upnp" : false,                              // use UPnP for port mapping  "disk_low_priority": true,  "lan_encrypt_data": false,  "folder_rescan_interval": 1800,  "lan_use_tcp": true,
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Hi pirkojm,


CPU (and, actually, RAM) usage is highly dependent on amount of files and folders that your Sync'ed folder has. To find out the difference BTSync has to calculate a large amount of hashes for the files stored on storage. 


Keeping in mind that Raspberry PI has not very strong CPU, even hashing task might be heavy for it. How many files and folders do you have? Is there any folders with excessive amount of files?


Your actions (especially - removing encryption) are fine to lower CPU usage. I would also advise to increase rescan interval even more (to, say, one day) and see how long is it going to take for RPI to index all of your files (the CPU usage should go down of no actual syncing is happening now).

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