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Mysterious File That Does Not Sync [Solved]

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Hi there,


I have two windows machines syncing one folder. Once says 1240 files (3.7 Gb), the another 1239. Obviously the second one wants to download the file that is absent. But it can't, it just shows a permanent status of uploading. 


How can I know which one is failing? No .Sync* files out there. Already tried restarting syncs and computers (several times). Also trying to figure out which file could be by searching files of 54.5 Kb and modified within 2 weeks, but if I change the name of the files these are well synced with no change in file counting.


How can I solve the mystery??


EDIT: Just before posting it has been solved. But why? No idea. I have just keeping changing the name of the suspicious file and then, suddenly the 1239 has changed to 1240 (with no extra file in the folder).


As the problem has disappeared randomly I find it difficult to reproduce. But anyway perhaps it is useful to report this here (?).




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Hi gerard, whoozy,


When BTSync encounters files it can't sync due to filename limitations on other peers it will attempt to sync once and stop (at least until the next full rescan). In the devices list you'll see that some data is still need to be uploaded, but BTSync icon in system tray won't roll.


I suggest that some application is constantly updating some file in Sync folder. To find that out for sure - I'll need debug logs, here goes the topic how to collect them.

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