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Pc & Android: Have To Launch App On Mobile For Sync

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I'm using this software for syncing some folders on my Android phone (Nexus 4) and PC.


The only issue which I found is that I have to launch app on mobile for starting the sync itself. Otherwise, PC's version shows "No connected devices". I have launched service on background but seems it's not enough. The only solution is keeping the Android version minimized. I tried to disable auto-sleep but it didn't help neither.


If running the app is the necessary step, then for what service on background is required?


Please help, I won't run software each time for starting the sync procedure. I would like to make it fully automatic :(



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Hi Viewmax,


The application on Android is intended to work in a background even if only service running. Even with auto-sleep mode on it should get synced once every 30 minutes (or when you turn on the display).


Note, that when you push "Exit" menu item in BTSync - you are killing both app and service, in this case your folders won't be synced.


Can you please describe in a very detailed way the steps you do to leave service running with no app?



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I see the icon of Sync service in upper-left corner. Definitely service is running, and actually I'm "entering" in software by pressing on it, but by itself - it's not syncing :(


Step by step:

1. Launching app on PC

2. Getting Device not connected

3. Waiting for 1 minute with running service and unlocked screen on Android. Nothing.

4. Running app on Android by clicking on service

5. After few seconds getting message Device is connected...


I'm using Wi-Fi only and on PC lan_use_tcp is false. Is there any difference in settings on PC for communicating with Android's app and/or its service?


Sry for my English.

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