.syncignore And "restore Files..." Bug?


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I've been testing .SyncIgnore with two computers.  One is "Machine A" and originally hosted the files; "Client A" is syncing with read-only privileges and option "Restore modified files to original version."


I added "abc.h" to .SyncIgnore on Machine A.  I deleted it from Client A.  It reappeared thanks to Bittorrent Sync.  Removed the restore option, deleted it and it never came back.  Shouldn't it not be resync'd if it is listed in .SyncIgnoe despite the restore option enabled?  Can anyone reproduce this?


On another note, I saw a comment in an embedded version of BT Sync's .SyncIgnore that files/directories listed in .SyncIgnore that exist on other machines would be deleted from those machines.  This doesn't happen no matter what I've tried.

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Hi Andy,


In your scenario the step #3 ("It reappears back...") should not happen as the file already added to .SyncIgnore on Machine A. I did not manage to reproduce it in my lab. 


.SyncIgnore file affects BTSync when it indexes files and works for both leech and seed peers, so:

1) ignored files are not going to be forcefully removed, just ignored

2) most likely it won't appear in debug log, so collecting it here would be useless.


I can only guess that your "abc.h" filename might contain some local characters and there is some issue with identifying it against what is written in .syncignore.


Can you please supply me with your .SyncIgnore file from both "Machine A" and "Client A" as well as the filename you were trying to exclude?



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