Changing Ios Camera Auto-Generated Key.


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I would like to use a different key than the one that auto-generates in the iOS app under Camera Backup.  Is this possible?  


I'd like to use a key a key that I already have where a remote location is stored as encrypted.  I assume the actual key on the iOS device is the read/write key with what is shown to copy or email out is the read only key.  I can find no place available to change any keys.

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Based on what I know I also assume this is a "no".  But is there an "encryption" key generated for all keys ever generated.  And would there be a way to discover what that key would be based on the current known "read only" key?


Or is there a way to get around this by having multiple secrets per sync file?  One where I've already setup with an encryption option.

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I came just to post this. My friend needs a method to securely keep her photos in the cloud for free*, unfortunately, I don't wish to have access to her files, not only because I want her to be able to trust it, but, on top of that, I personally don't trust some of my hosts (I.E. storing files for redundancy on computer I don't control, some of which, are dodgy hosts), so, I wish to use the "Encrypted" mode of BTSync (Which, works amazingly using the 'Sync' option), so, only she has the R/W key on her device, I just have the encrypted version. Unfortunately, as it stands, we either have to:-


1. Give me access to her files (Her using R/W, me using RO)

2. Use her RO key (From her iPad) to sync to her computer, which, she then syslinks her RO directory to a R/W directory in which I have the encrypted key to (Super complicated, also means she has to store her files, which, is what we're trying to avoid)

3. Have her manually select each image as she takes them (Way to annoying)


So, I come here, please allow us to input custom addresses in the auto-backup option, or, alternatively, allow us to designate a directory on an existing share to automatically copy all pictures on the phone to on boot of the application.


*Free as in, I'm willing to provide the disk space and bandwidth to her at no extra charge, because I'm a nice guy, and, because I highly doubt she'll use more than a gig.

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