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Some of the files I'm planning to sync from my MacBook Pro to my Windows Home Server are very large (virtual machines) and as such I'd like to enable syncing only when I've connected to my local network using Ethernet (rather than using the WiFi). This is because a sync over anything other than a local ethernet connection will take forever, massacre my WiFi and max out my broadband monthly data cap in no time.



  • For each sync folder, allow the user to specify which network interfaces may be used for syncing (default = All), so as I can de-select WiFi for these folders.
  • For each sync folder, allow the user to specify if it should sync over LAN only (default = False) so as I can prevent these folders from syncing over the internet (when I'm in the office, for example)





EDIT: Apologies - posted to wrong forum. Mods, can you please move to BitTorrent Sync \ General Discussion

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