Lots Of Trouble When Using More Than A Handful Of Folders/files


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In a post 1 or 2 days ago I've read that a new beta release will not arrive until March or so.


As I'm having lots of trouble with my BTSync environment this is bad news and I started dropping BTSync from my machines. I know this software is beta, but I won't test this beta release for another 1-2 months - I do have lots of serious problems. Let me explain my descision.


Here are the BTSync releases I was using:


4.150.213 BTSync-1.2.14.apk
1.648.488 BTSync-1.2.82.exe
2.044.500 btsync_i386-1.2.82.tar.gz
2.218.854 btsync_x64-1.2.82.tar.gz
These are the machines BTSync is running on:
2x Windows 8.1 64bit, QuadCore, 8GB RAM
1x x64 Linux vServer, 16GB RAM
2x i386 Linux 4GB RAM Minimal System (unRAID)
4x APK (3 different devices, 3 different Android versions)
Let me say first that I was using BTSync in a real environment with lots of shares, lots of folders and lots of files. It's way below the 1,000,000 files that are written in the unofficial doc. IMHO this is only a theoretical limit because I do hit limits with 203 GB, 21 shared folders, 13,000 folders, 110,000 files and 11 devices). This is a typical company environment that BTSync will address in the future too - I will wait for that.
1.) BTSync crashes my WLAN repeaters (AVM)
This was reported so many times here. Most of the time the manufacturer should have a bad implementation. So many? The hint was "[...] switch off UPNP [...]".
Whenever I start BTSync on my Android Devices, after an hours or so my WLAN repeater is dead. I have to remove it, wait 60 seconds and put it back. When that happened the first time I thought it would be a problem with my old WLAN Repeater and bought a new one. The problem still does exist with the new one. UPNP is off, LAN TCP is true, LAN encrypt is true - no luck.
2.) Hardware ressources (RAM and drives)
This is really the reason why I dropped BTSync yesterday. In a previous post of mine "These Shares Need 8Gb Ram On Windows 8.1" I wrote about my experience with two Windows PCs that won't work for my shares if they don't have at least 8GB RAM installed. They crash with a HANDLE error, blue screen, Windows dump, automatically reboot - in an endless loop. Within the last week I did experience another bad behaviour of BTSync. Two dead harddrives within one week in my two i386 servers made me nervous. Both servers are used in an office. Both have 15 drives each and BTSync is bound to disk1 in both arrays. After investigating I saw at least 10 million file operations per day. Per day! For 110,000 files! For read-only shares! We use customer drives, no special 24/7 drives. Seagate ST3000DM001 is the type, but both had different model numbers - one from China, one from Thailand. Yes, I could increase the re-index time, but what sould I use? So I always use standard values.
An hour before I did remove BTSync I did a last check with one of my Windows PCs. I could see that with my list of folders three operations are running in parallel during BTSync start:
1.) Create the list (see attachment for my list of shares)
2.) While the list is being created the first shares start to re-index
3.) While re-index is going on, the first data is transfered from and to the machine.
Everything in parallel. The harddrive lights are burning for 15-30 minutes. It's just a guess, but I think that's one possible reason for the handle and memory problems I saw on several machines.
So good luck, I'll wait for the enterprise version. I hope you'll GA only after some real world tests with 100th of shared folders and 100,000s of files - companies do have that usually ;-)
For me BTSync is a wonderful idea and could be the next step in cloud storage evolution. So I will come back, definetely, but not within these beta time frames.


Thanks for listening



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