Btsplit A Web Console For Managing All Your Sync Instances


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Hello guys I just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a project which is in my mind since Sync's come out.


It will be open source under MIT license and everyone can integrate in their home, business or whatever.


Couple of words about the project:


It consists of 3 parts:

  • Web console (
  • Desktop/Replication Server clients (wrappers for BTSync)
  • Server API (Managing communications between clients and web console)

The major goal for this project is to be able to easily manage all your devices and a bit more(Teams, Tasks & Messages).


I've researching such ideas from 3 years to host Torrent client or Sync on VPS but the truth is that the storage and IOPs are expensive.


So I decided to create a simple interface which can help easily managing your devices, and by doing so you can grab a dusty PC from your ceiling load it with TBs of HDDs for a 200$ an put them wherever you want and manage them from your home in a browser. No SSHs not TeamViewers no Sync interface just browser.


So if you like it I hope you can spend 10-20 bucks, so I can keep it moving because I don't have enough time because of my job, but I want to build it.


Thank you

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