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Can I Sync Individual File In A Folder?

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The scenario is... I use Panic's Coda application for web development on several MAC computers. I create a FTP site in work. When I am home this is not created, I need to create it again. 


So I use Bittorrent Sync to sync Coda's "Sites" folder. Works great! BUT... Coda also uses another file to save site settings too, and this file is in a general MAC folder with loads of other files I do not need to sync, which could break other apps if I do sync them all. 


So I need to just sync this one file. 


At the moment I wrote a script to rsync the file into Bittorrent Sync, and rsync it back out the other end, then put this in a cronjob. But its not ideal... and shame I have to use another method when I have Bittorrent Sync. 


So the question is, can I sync one file with Bittorrent Sync, and if not can this be added to a whishlist because this would be extremely useful for so many more applications. Dont understand why it shouldnt be included. 


Thanks a lot!

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