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+1 to this!

I am really hoping to see a / Vuze / Tribler like search, with namehash searching of all public content!

Ideally a browser plugin that enables direct hash searching without a centralized search portal/index site (Google/TPB) and live streaming like AceStream.

The server-centric web will become obsolete.

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Some people are already doing this:

[link removed]


The problem with the sync keys listed on the site above is that they generally are for folders which contain multiple files (movies, music, games, etc.)


It would be much better to create one folder for each file so that the secret will sync only that file.


Also, since the read-only secret allows the indexing site owner to see the decrypted file and thus have knowledge of it's copyright infringement, it would be best to distribute the sync key index/search site via Bittorrent Sync as well.


This could be accomplished with something like SyncNet:


Or by distributing static web pages via a Bittorrent Sync folder by distributing read-only keys to users of the site.


Is anyone interested in working on this with me?

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Seems trivial to create a one time use secret for a file given the secret for a folder.


Ideally people should submit the read-write secret to the search engine so the search engine can add a simple stats.html file on the folder informing everyone the level of activity, etc. There also needs to be no copyrighted material filter to protect such files from being shared I would imagine.

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In response to InstagateurX's concern, is there currently a way to limit the size of a synced folder?


For example, if my friend sends me a read only secret and I create a synced folder, and then my friend "accidentally" drops 2 TB of files into said folder.


I would like to be able to stop that folder from eating up all my hard drive space and causing my machine to crash.


Does this feature exist?

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As far as I know, you'd have to write a program to constantly monitor your folder to delete files if it got over a size.   I think your software could just delete the folder and stop syncing if things get out of hand.  This would induce website authors to keep their sites small, otherwise they won't sync.


So, if you wrote an HTTP server that managed and constantly monitored your sites/folders for you, got a system-wide list of BTSync  websites, and had your HTTP Server serve up the pages for you, yes.  This looks like what "SyncNet" does, so it just needs to add a max size feature if it doesn't have it already.  Of course you'd have to add the search engine.


The BTSync config file may have an option you can specify to limit size though.

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I've built a search engine for people that want to make there BTSync keys publicly available. You can search the site and if you have my browser plugin installed then you can just click the link and it will sync to you computer. I can't currently handle limiting large files or sync specific files but it might get most of what your looking for.

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