Define Shared_Folders In Config.json


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On Mac OS X 10.9.1, I am trying to define a shared folder in the config.json

{  "use_gui" : false,  "webui" :  {    "listen" : "",    "login" : "admin",    "password" : "mysuperpassword",    "api_key" : "mysuperapikey"  },  "shared_folders" :  [   {   "dir" : "/btsync",   "secret" : "mysecret"   }  ]}

However when I query the API to get the folders, the answer is empty


curl -u admin:mysuperpassword 'http://localhost:8888/api?method=get_folders'
[  ]



The objective is to deploy this application on my hundred of OSX clients to synchronize relatively large content easily when I need to. (Virtual machines etc).

Alternatively I could query the API directly on clients to register the share in a postflight script but I'd rather get it to work this way. Anything I'm missing?

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