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A friend of mine has his own Synology NAS. He wants to sync a folder with the Synology from his brother. It is work related. They both want to work on files in their own folder but they have to be in sync with each other. Installed the Torrent Sync Package but cannot see how i add a device. Only a folder. Is there a quick tutorial on connecting a device via the internet with another Synology or can anyone explain this to me. 


Thanks in advance.




Cees (Netherlands)

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Sounds like you want to sync one Synology NAS (syno1) with another Synology (syno2) over the WAN. You don't have to manually add a device, having the same BTSync secret on both devices accomplishes this.  


(1) If you haven't already done so, install the BTSync on each NAS using the SynoCommunity repository.


(2) Create a sync folder on  syno1 using the web-based BtSync GUI. Generate a secret, and point the UI to the folder you created. SAVE THE SECRET in a safe location.


(3) On syno2, create a sync folder using the web-based GUI. Point the UI to the sync folder on syno2, BUT copy the secret generated earlier on syno1 into the secret field. 


If either NAS is behind a firewalled router, and you have UPnP disabled, you might have to forward ports to the local IP address of each Synology on each LAN. Forward ports 3838 (UDP) and also the local "Listening Port" (UDP) ... which is shown in the GUI for each NAS under Preferences > Settings.


Good luck.

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