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To start, I'm on OS X Mavericks using a WD My Cloud 3TB drive connected to my router.


I was able to install BitTorrent Sync with the help of RoyW's post here:


My issue now is setting up the proper directories to sync.  When I add a folder in BTSync, I get this screen:



So here, I would set the destination folder - which would need to be the folder on my My Cloud drive I want to sync TO (as the target folder).


Of course, when I access BTSync through my My Cloud device and add a folder, I see this screen:



Since this is through the My Cloud device, it only sees folders on the drive itself.


My issue here is that I would be selecting the same folder twice.


My workflow should work like this:

[folder on desktop] ==syncs to==> [folder on my My Cloud]


However, I seem to only be able to setup this workflow:

[folder on My Cloud] ==syncs to==> [folder on desktop]


If I set the destination folder to my desktop folder in BTSync (first screenshot), then add the My Cloud folder (second screenshot), it syncs beautifully from My Cloud to my desktop folder.


However, that's the exact opposite of what I want, and it doesn't sync both ways (as in, if I add a file to my desktop folder, it will not send it to My Cloud; if I add a file to My Cloud, it will send it to my desktop).


The software is great and easy to navigate, but I feel like this one hurdle is stopping me from using it for the purposes I need.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Looks like there was just some hiccup on my machine.  In testing, I was able to get new folders to sync perfectly.  I then noticed that my Movies folder wouldn't display ANY file, even one I placed manually.


Rebooted, deleted the directory and I'm not syncing to my My Cloud.  I knew there had to be something weird going on, but it was all on my end.  Perfect product for what I was looking for.

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