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My WD My Cloud was powered off the other day, and while I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue I'm having now, I figured I'd mention it.


Suddenly, no folders display in the UI for the drive (IP Address:8888 in my browser), and when I attempt to add a new folder I get this popup:



No matter how long I let it sit (originally under the thought that it was processing and would load the folders), nothing ever loads in the popup.


Do I have to do something to refresh BitTorrent Sync?  It's obviously installed on the drive otherwise I wouldn't be seeing that screen at all, but I'm not sure what would have happened to not only remove all of my shared folders but also to not allow me to add new folders.

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Just want to try and bump this, as it's really killing my ability to use this software effectively.  It appears that my previously added folders still exist, as they still sync, but I can't add any new folders or view my list of folders when I hit admin URL.


Has anyone else had their folders disappear from that list?  If so, what were you able to do to get them to show up again?


In fact, sometimes I can't even get the admin page to load.  It just spins and spins, and either it takes minutes for it to display or it just never does.

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