Bug: Btsync Crashes On Api Call Get_Secrets With Invalid Secret


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In order to verify if a supplied secret is valid, it makes sense to call the "get_secrets" api supplying the secret to test.


With certain secrets (e.g.: AYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OCaaaaaaaa), btsync 1.2.82 on Linux 32 bit crashes without any log message. This behaviour is also reproducible with the Mac OSX version by entering the secret in the folders preferences dialog box.




It seems that btsync crashes on this api with every secret longer that 40 chars... Secrets are normally 33 chars long. If you specify a secret with a length between 34 and 40, nothing happened (the chars seems to be ignored). As soon as the length exceeds 40 chars, btsync crashes:


leo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $ curl 'http://localhost:9999/api?method=get_secrets&secret=AYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OCYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OC'curl: (52) Empty reply from serverleo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $ pgrep btsyncleo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $
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OK - I found two postings from RomanZ that document this behaviour...








In any case it is not a good idea to crash. And also the official applications crash if you enter an invalid secret.

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