Secret Invalid On Windows 8

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I have an Xserve with Mavericks as well as a PC with Windows 8. I set up a folder to sync on the server. When I enter the master secret along with the folder on Win8 it says, the secret were invalid. When using another Mac all is fine. 


Whats wrong here?


Klaus Löfflad
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What version numbers of Sync are you using across your devices?


Given that Sync is in beta there are sometimes changes made to the makeup of Secrets. Generally speaking newer builds are backwards-compatible with older builds (that is to say that Secrets generated on earlier builds will still work in later builds), but older builds are not necessarily "forwards-compatible" with newer builds (i.e. secrets generated on the latest builds may not be compatible with much earlier builds)


For this reason, if you're currently using different versions of Sync across your various devices, your best option would be to update them so they're all running the same version number. That way Secrets will be valid across your devices.


If updating devices isn't practical right now for whatever reason, try generating Secrets for your folders on the lowest version of Sync you're using on a device i.e if all your devices are running 1.2.82, apart from one which is running 1.0.x, generate secrets on this device 1.0.x.

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