Localhost.localdomain Btsync[7323]: Blocked Downloading File [Filename]


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I hope some of the developers come around here once in a while. I am doing this transfer and it suddenly stalled, I am running btsync in Fedora 20, if I go to the Web GUI things look normal, only that nothing is transferring even though the folder I am trying to sync shows that is not being synced. 


If I run:


$sudo systemctl status btsync@user.service


Where user is my username, I see that the above shows up, it shows up along with other problems but the other problems are normal and haven't prevented syncs in the past, it seems pretty clear that the problem is the line shown in the topic. 


Anybody has any idea of what causes that error?



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Hi wilbertcr,


I cannot explain what systemctl status displays you as you used some custom way to install and run your btsync. However, I still can take a peek into debug logs if you can collect them for your peers, preferably from two of them simultaneously so I can compare events happening on one peer to events on another. 


The most usual issues which bring the "Sync Stuck" issue are

- incorrect permissions so indexer can't read a file / folder

- Some file being locked by an app

- changing the filename case but this is not your issue as on Linux they are treated as completely different filenames.


So please try to collect debug logs and throw to me for analysis.

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