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Sorry about the kind of old thread.

But just wanted to clear something up. Windows RT is no more limited than iPads.... a lot less limited I would say... you can install "non Microsoft apps" they just have to exist to start with. Bit torrent just hasn't published an app for this Operating system.

there are thousands of "non Microsoft apps" on the windows store.. just no Bittorrent sync ones....

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@all, there's a dedicated thread over in the Feature Request forums for requesting Windows RT support.


Therefore, if you wish to be able to use Sync on your RT device, I'd suggest adding your voice to that thread.


As you can probably appreciate, there are a number of platforms/OS's that Sync presently isn't available for (i.e. Blackberry, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Windows RT, MIPS, etc). The likelihood of Sync eventually becoming available for these more minor platforms/OS's at some stage in the future will depend upon a number of factors including each platform/OS's global popularity, the number of requests for such platform/OS support in the Feature Request forum, and the technical feasibility of implementing Sync on these platforms, etc.

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