Files Move Out Of Sync Folder Re-Appear.

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Why is this and is it a bug?


Are you using full-access secrets on both devices, or are you using a read-only secret on one of them?


Moving a file out of a folder being monitored can appear the same to Sync as deleting a file from the folder - i.e. Sync just knows that the file is no longer in the folder, and so will try to obtain it from other peers.

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The "no point in this" seems sort of counter-productive for the task at hand. Myself, I have a Mac box, and a Win 7 box in sync, and half a dozen or so directories I share variously w/ different people. Some are full-access, others, RO. I have no idea which box added what file when. When I first started using this marvelous application, it really didn't cross my mind deleting files would be a problem, so didn't pay no never-mind where, as in which box, a file was added from. Couple that with a few shares involving different people and suddenly all this is an issue.
Has there been any traction on a fairly intuitive, non-kludgy way to manage all this?
At this point I'm thinking uninstall/re-install? Really?

I'm not carping, but I have a couple of pretty non-technical folk I'm sharing with, and heck, deleting files and not having them re-appear would seem to be a pretty basic function.
I'm not a programmer, but hold them in high regard. This isn't easy on a PAID good day!!

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This is basic functionality, and the fact that deleted/removed files reappear looks to be a bug. I suggest you and your friends are using the 1.3.94 build?


If issue is still present - I would appreciate getting debug logs, which might contain the traces of the issue.

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Affirmative, yes using the 1.3.94 version.
Kindly, where are the logs stored? Happy to pass them on. *LOVE* the application, yes I run out of seconds in my day to properly research everything. Happy to help, hate to be a numb-nut.


skeezix (Boise, ID).

Aha. I see now.
I'll work on that tomorrow, and pass them on. Thanks.



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OK, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
Sync is working fine. Unsure what changed except I *think* I deleted the files --which haven't reappeared-- from the machine from which they were originally added, if that makes a difference.

And I added a text file today, everything sync'd and looks good to go. 24 hours, no issues.


Thanks for the dialogue.


Interestingly, and I'm obviously vaguing something, I turned on logging (Win 7), yet can't find the logs. %APPDATA% is to me sort of hazy. Assuming I installed in c:\program files(x86) , where might the logs be? Isn't in the Bittorrent Sync directory, nor in c:\users\eric that I can tell ....



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