Btsync File Transfer Behavior Table


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To developers,

Hi guys,

It would be great to have a complete and precise BTSync file transfer logic for all the cases of file creation, removal, removal and restoration, name change, file permission change, etc.

Would any of you look at this thread and correct or expand the description or whatever you feel like clarifying. This seems to be significantly complex issue and needs complete clarification of btsync behavior. Otherwise, the consequences may be highly unpleasant to the users.

If any of you decide to do so and either edit the existing post or write a new post with specific and precise comments, the original post will be edited so that description is correct, precise and complete.

This will be added to the detailed user manual I am writing that has all the details about tricky or non-apparent issues of btsync behavior.

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"Btsync File Transfer Behavior Table" was updated and significantly expanded.
There was a number of errors in the original version that were corrected here
to the best of my understanding at the moment.

So, now, hopefully, we are getting a little bit closer to "how it REALLY is".

But, unless we have comments from either support or developers, you shouldn't
rely on this information as something totally reliable and correct.

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