Can't Install Of Windows?


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Guest proactiveservices

I expect that either your anti-virus software is detecting the installer as a virus or that the file has not downloaded correctly. Check your anti-virus logs to see if it has done anything along these lines.


To check that the installer file is correct: right-click on it, click "Properties". Click the "Digital Signatures tab". Click on the entry in the box and click the "Details" button. A second window should open.


This windows should display "This digital signature is OK" near the top. If it doesn't, delete the installer, clear your browser cache and try downloading again.

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HI all,

I downloaded the exe for windows to my desktop, but when I go to install it, nothing happens.  I am on Vista.  Double click the icon, it acts like its going to open for a second, then stops.  Nothing,  Suggestions?  Thanks.


Please see "When I run the installer, nothing happens" in the Unofficial FAQ

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