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Trying BitTorrent sync for some time, I have often experienced somehow peers in the same LAN looks synchronizing over the slow Internet connection, not over the LAN.


Currently, in the devices tab, I have seen 2 icons:

  • arrows - to indicate direct peer-to-peer link
  • cloud - to indicate a link over a relay node on the Internet.

However, both links in the local network and links over the Internet are all represended by the same icon with arrows.


I would like to have another icon, to distinguish local peers from remote ones.


I also want to have a new functionality to force a local peer re-discovery, for a link over the Internet, even though the peer is on the same LAN.


Sometimes, transfer speed appears going through a WAN link, and sometimes even a local peer appears being over a relay node.



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If you only want Sync to sync over your Local LAN, please see "Can I force Sync to do local network (LAN) syncing only and not sync via the Internet?" in the Unofficial FAQ.


For the other things you "want", you'll find the "Wishlist" thread here.

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Thank you for your reply, GreatMarko.


Please be clarified that I do NOT want to have synchronization only in a LAN, but want to take out some of the nodes roaming.


Please also be clarified that I had performed a search in the forums if my question had been already made.

However, it just simply provided a link for the root of the "wishlist" thread. I did actually put some effort to see if my question had made, but finally, I concluded it was less likely.



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