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Hi all

Since a while i struggle with incomplete transfers in read-only folders. I searched a lot on the forums, found similar things but no answer (which worked). Could you please help me with that?



"Origin": OSX, BTSync 1.2.82

"Backup": Debian ARM, BTsync 1.2.82, API enabled. Initial Sync in LAN, now connection over WAN

Files: 107GB in 40k Files (mostly pictures)



One file never got synced, the Client on the Mac always had this "arrow UP" and 3.4MB. New files were synced successfully. File was not locked nor write-protected. Debug log on Backup showed:

[20140303 09:03:10.205] SyncFilesController: Update for invalidated file "1402_Blah/xxx.JPG" (R/O). Skipping

Now i thought let's recreate all indexes. I deleted .sync and all .Sync* files in my share. It took a night to index / sync, now i've got 400MB out of sync.


I love btsync, i'd like to kick out Dropbox, but with this feature not working properly, i can't really rely on it.


Thanks for reading and your help!!

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