Problem Installing Btsync On Synology Ds411


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I have two Synology NAS at two sites, and in order to keep full syncornisation between them I have
decided to use Bit Torrent Sync

Site 1 (1513+)
Using Torbens "Setting up Bit Torrent Sync on Synology NAS" I successfully installed BTSync on my 1513+. As this ships With "GNU C Library Stable Version 2.3.6" I used the file btsync_glibc23_x64.tar.gz
So far, so good. Works like a charm, and syncs, towards computers, phones or whatever I throw at it.

Site 2 (DS411j)
Here is where the problems start. This NAS has "GNU C Libray Stable Version 2.5" so here I use btsync_x64.tar.gz as listed in the same guide by Torben. After downloading it to the bin folder I try to output a sample config to the ../conf folder with the command ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf when doing so I get the following error message:

./btsync: line 1:ELF: not found
./btsync: line 1: ▒▒: not found
./btsync: line 1: ▒: not found
./btsync: line 1: ▒▒▒▒▒: not found
./btsync: line 1: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒TT@T@31268▒: not found
./btsync: line 1: 56J0u▒▒!: not found
./btsync: line 1: ▒P▒tdo4ototllQ▒t/lib64/▒▒{▒▒▒Ǘh▒▒▒▒▒▒C%5!▒: not found
./btsync: line 16: syntax error: unexpected "("

As I am not an Linux expert my fist fear was the NAS is not compatible with BTsync, but then again I do read in the forums that it should be.

Is there anyone that could assist me in this matter?

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Hi klausmann,


I believe the problem is, that you are downloading the wrong version of btsync.

Unfortunately, the guide I made does not give you links for the ARM version of btsync, which you need for your DS411j


To check which CPU is in your Synology, you can always check this site:


This should be the correct link for you,

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