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   I want to use BT Sync on Android Smart TV BOX. There're some problem need to solve.


   1. Android TV BOX always have ethernet and wifi. But "BT Sync Android apk" only can use on wifi or Cellular Data Network.

     So I need a apk version don't check wifi or cellular, only check network is available.


   2. Need config the special ReadOnly Key before version release. How can I do it? Or could give the API for android client? More interesting application can be developed on Android Device.


   Thanks a lot! BT sync is very powerful, we all like it.

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1. BTSync should run just fine on Android device with no cellular data. We've tried to run btsync on Ouya and couple of other platforms running with Android (with different NIC configurations - wifi + LAN, only wifi, LAN stick connected to USB, etc.), no issues encountered. You might play with the setting "Use cellular data" if you have more than one NIC adapter.

Could you please share what is not working for you?


2. What do you mean under "special ReadOnly Key"? You can generate a pair of keys in advance, prior to installing a client to Android using either UI in Win / Mac, or console on Linux. Could you please elaborate this question?

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