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I'm new to this, but I've followed all the instruction to install this app on my TS-412.


1) I've tried to install the app from the Store, however once I enter the account details I get the error "Web Page Not Available",   So I've un-installed and removed the BitTorrentSync folder from the .qpkg folder.


2) I've tried to follow the instructions on this site to do it manually, however when I try to run the ./ I get the error "qbuild is required......"    The saw this on the forum and tried the symlink but I then get an error of "ln: /bin/bash: File Exists"


3) Now tried to download the arm version from the BTSync site and it won't install under a manual, even after un-tar.


My QNAP has been recently rebuilt with firmware 4.1.0.


Any ideas or help would be appreciated..

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After searching around about this issue, I ran into this post. I updated my TS-212P to QTS 4.1 Beta recently. So far, everything is working well except this Bittorrent sync login issue. Walkme70's posted solution worked using putty from a Windows laptop. Syncing right now!! :) Thanks!!

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