Cannot Disable Basic Authentication For Btsync


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I'm using a config file when launching btsync under linux ("btsync --config configFilePath"). In the config (json) file, I've removed both the "login" and "password" fields from the "webui" section but when launching btsync in the browser (http://ip:8888) the browser still asks for (basic) authentication.  According to the comments in the sample config file (generated via "btsync --dump-sample-config") I can, "remove 'login' and 'password' fields to disable credentials check". The API docs at also state this.


Does anyone know how to configure btsync so the btsync Web UI does NOT require authentication?


Thank you,


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Oops, my mistake.  I had already ran btsync and changed the admin password, and it looks like btsync uses its stored admin credentials, even though the config file specifies no credentials at startup.

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