Start Up Script For Mybooklive Nas


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How can I my sister's bittorrent sync to automatically startup in case her mybooklive nas shuts off (like power outage or something)?

I'm going to have us backup to each other's drives remotely. Got bittorrent sync up and running but everything has to be automatic for my sister.


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I tried following the instructions in the above link.  bittorrent sync is running with the above.  But I still can't get automatic startup.


I see a  config file for bittorent sync on my nas for bittorrent sync as was supposed to happen.  I decided not to change the 'storage path' to a different file location so I didn't edit the file at all.


I just typed 'update-rc.d btsync defaults' in the putty command line.  Then I went into my mybooklive gui and rebooted my drive.  Went to nasipaddress:8888 and the bittorrent sync gui did not show up.


So what did I do wrong?  Is there a specific place the config file must be located in order to get it to work? 



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Those are better instructions I found if you want the start-up script in addition to just putting bittorrent sync into your mybooklive.


Note: don't use the "arm" version of bittorrent sync in step 1).  That's for the WD Mycloud drive which those instructions were for.  Use the "PowerPC" version instead for the mybooklive.

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