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I have a folder with 225GB in over 150,000 files.  When I use BTSync 1.2.91 (win7) on this folder, it only indexes 37GB in 5243 files.  I can't find any further info in the debug log.  No errors, no skips and the missing file/folder names are not mentioned.  Maybe some of the files are opened, but not almost all of them.  What could be wrong?

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How much free disc space do you have on your drives?


158GB free on the source drive.  >300GB free on the destination node drive.


If I touch a file that wasn't indexed, it is then promptly indexed and synced.  

The file date/time is not in the future (it is in fact years in the past).  Why would it behave like this?


Also, what does this message mean:
SyncFolder: max number of torrents reached (302)
Am I hitting some limit?
Thanks for your help.
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