Btsync Disable Scanning Of Local Files


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Dear Community,


I am using BTsync to keep all my devices in sync. As an always-on peer I want to use a cheap VPS combined with cheap webdav cloud storage (this combination is incredible cheap compared to a VPS with sufficient disk storage). I mounted the webdav storage into my linux filesystem and placed a BTSync directory inside the webdav mount point.


Now my question:

Everytime I have to restart BTsync due to VPS system restart for example, BTsync has to re-scan all files on the webdav share, which makes a lot of traffic. In my set up the files on the webdav storage can not be changed outside of the BTsync client. Is there any way to tell the BTsync client to remember which files it placed on the webdav drive, so a scan of the local filesystem is not required? I think there is some kind of file hash database, so is there a possibility to make it permanent to survive a BTsync restart?




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