Weird Error On Linux Btsync


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I get the following error message on debug mode:


[20140312 13:01:36.377] Torrent /file-storage/demo/public_html/eventroot/user_presentations/presentation_6/ status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0


Could anybody tell me what this means ?


It says done finishing syncing a folder, when it isnt done at all..




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Ok problem fixed.
I wanted to see how it performed between 2 servers when one folder is empty, and needs to sync.

The debug code shows its doing a lot, but syncing (iftop) shows almost no activity.

Is it like making code hashes of every file, and sending files one by one ?

How does it sync also huge files (2GB ~ 6GB files) ?


I notice it's extremely slow when syncing a full folder with all files...

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