Debugging Log On Synology Nas And .syncarchive Holding Time

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I'm running BTSync on several desktops (Windows 7 & 8) and two Synology DiskStations 1813+. 

I'd like to enable debugging logging on each NAS, but I can't figure out how or where to do that.

On the Windows machines, I simply right-clicked on the BTSync icon in the system tray and Enabled Debug Logging.

On each NAS, I only have a BT Sync icon in the Control Panel.   When I open that, it is a web browser interface and the only seemingly logical place to look is to click Preferences in the upper right corner. The settings there have nothing to do with logging. Each folder has a Preferences icon. Again, I don't see anything having to do with logging when I open a folder Preferences window. 


Also, In the folder Preferences dropdown window, there is a checkbox for "store deleted files in SyncArchive". I have that checked. BUT, where do I go to set the number of days to retain the deleted files in SyncArchive?


I know how to do a custom setting for the days retained in SyncArchive in the windows desktop Preferences. I just can't find a similar place for the NAS (using DSM 4.3) .


Can you point me in the right direction? I've tried to search the forum and the HELP file, but I'm not finding or understand..




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