Files Are Not Syncing, Only Directories

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On Linux Mint Petra in a VMWARE machine I create a folder to sync, add that with Web GUI, add some files to it. Then I set it up on the host machine to sync that folder. VMWARE client shows it is syncing those files and host shows the same size/number of files to be receiving. Still ONLY directories are created on the host, no files ever get synced.


When I add a file on the host side it gets to the client side; when I delete it on the client side, it deletes right on the host. But when I add something on the client side, it never gets to the host.


BTsync is working perfectly between Win<->Win, Win<->Android. Linux permissions are correct/unchanged.



I wish someone could point out some ways to debug it and lend me some brain :)

If needed I could elaborate on this with screenshots, logs or whatever.




Extra info:


On the vmware client I use a nat and host only interface.

When I switch over to a bridge and host only setup, files get synced correctly.


Here are my vital configs:

"storage_path" : "/var/lib/btsync","listening_port" : 0,"check_for_updates" : false,"use_upnp" : true,"download_limit" : 0,"upload_limit" : 0,"disk_low_priority" : true,"lan_encrypt_data" : false,"lan_use_tcp" : true,"rate_limit_local_peers" : false,"folder_rescan_interval" : 600,"sync_trash_ttl" : 7,

Refined question:


Can I get BTsync working through NAT?

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BTSync should work fine with NAT. It uses UPnP and PMP to open necessary ports in NAT. If it failed for you, you can try to do a direct port mapping for your VMWare NAT, please see the article describing how to do it.

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