Problems On One Folder On Synology : Folder Stay Empty


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Hi all,


At start sorry for my bad english, I'll try to do my best.


I have a Synology Station and 2 PCs with Windows 7, the 3 computers sync a tree of 7 folders.

I installed the Bitsync packet ( and the last client on my PCs.


Sync is working good for all folders but I have a problem with 1 folder of my tree :

  • When I paste a folder with files inside in one of my PCs : it's syncing correctly between the PCs but it just write an empty folder in my Synology station
  • But when I paste the same folder directly in my Synology Station it's syncing correctly between the Synology Station and the PCs.

It makes me some white hairs... :unsure:  so a little help is welcome :D


By the way, thank you very much for this awesome software :wub:


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Most likely you are facing permissions issue on your Synology NAS. Please check which user is running your btsync process and make sure that it has RW access to the problematic folder.


If it does not help - please try collecting debug logs from both peers and send me for analysis.

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