Some Files Queued, But Never Sync

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I am using Bittorrent Sync on my Mac, and backing up files with read only folders on CentOS server.


I think this is a very good and flexible solution for backing up files from multiple clients, but have a problem with some files getting queued but never sync. When this happens the status field continuously show arrow up symbol, but nothing happens. Other files in the same folder syncs fine.


The files is not open or locked, and if I delete the files the arrow up symbol goes away and the folder shows sync complete.


I was hoping this should be solved when upgrading Mac client to 1.2.91 today, but the problem still seems to be the same.


See also screenshot attached.


Any help is appreciated!



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Hi pii77,

There are might be 2 straightforward reasons on why these files are not synced:

1) files are added to syncignore. Easy to check.

2) files were once removed on RO peer and BTSync remembered not to sync them anymore. Can be also checked easily: just open a sync folder properties and check a checkbox "Restore files to original if changed".

If both are not your case - my proposal would be to collect full debug logs and send me for analysis.

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Hi RomanZ


I have checked both, but none of the above suggestions seems to be the solution.


How do you want the full debug logs to be collected, and where do you want me to send them?

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