Arm 1.2.92 Btsync Cannot Start?


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I am trying to install btsync 1.2.92 into my ARM box but have found that it cannot start.

It simply hangs and takes up lots of CPU and does not fork to the background. I retrospectively tested up to 1.1.48 and found that it works instead and am using that for now

Does anyone know why 1.2.92 might not be working? Are there any startup flags I can use to provide more verbosity for the command to find out what is wrong?

Thanks lots.

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A couple of things to try;

There were some changes to Sync between 1.1.x and 1.2.x versions - do you still encounter this issue if you try a fresh install of 1.2.92? (rather than an upgrade from 1.1.x)


Also, some Arm users reported "alignment" issues when upgrading 1.1.x builds - please see this thread for more information/a fix.

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