Is It Better To Have The "source" Be The Nas Or The Device?


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I installed btsync on my mybooklive NAS.  I don't want it to cause my NAS to always be thinking.


I'm using a full access secret between  my laptop folder and NAS. 


Does is make any difference in terms of how often my NAS will be "thinking" if I have my NAS be the  "source" instead of the laptop folder?  I see I can set rescan interval preference on my laptop but I can't with my mybooklive NAS.



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I haven't used a WD My Book Live but a few obvious points to me:

  • Running BTSync from your laptop will consume gobs of network activity as files are indexed.
  • Running BTSync from your My Book Live means you can sync to/from your NAS when your laptop is off but the NAS is on.
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After adding a folder to BTSync and initial scan (=hashing all the data) BTSync is not going to consume lots of CPU power and it does not depend would it be on NAS or on Laptop.


Also, on NAS (=Linux-based OS) you can configure your BTSync via config file instead of WebUI - this will give you an ability to set advanced preferences, like folder rescan interval.

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