[Solved By 1.3] Problem : Already Synced Folderrs Do Not Sync Anymore

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Hello. I chose to use btsync to synchronize my musics over different devices.


I have two directories to share:

- FLAC contains 27GB in 1200 files

- MP3 contains 51 GB in 8500 files


HOME nas :

I have a NAS (DNS 320 with ffp installed. I have the version 1.2.92 running on it).

the webui is only enabled on LAN (no routing from WAN)


BACKUP server :

I have a kimsufi server, running ubuntu saucy 13.10 x86_64. The btsync comes from the PPA.


WORK station :

I listen my music while working. My workstation is an HP Z200 with ubuntu saucy , x86_64. btsync comes from PPA



What I did :

- add the flac and MP3 share in  the HOME daemon

- store RW and RO keys

- added RO keys to WORK and BACKUP . Synchronization started, very slow because home bandwidth is bad

- copied on USB both directories, added them to the WORK directories. btsync ok, did send the data from WORK and HOME to BACKUP


Here everything was OK.


Then I added another album in FLAC on HOME nas . This album was not pushed toward WORK and BACKUP.


the webui showed :

HOME : FLAC : 27.7 GB to send, nothing sending (actually just one GB to send)

BACJUP/WORK : FLAC : 26.6 GB to send to HOME, no upload(actually, nothing to send, just data to receive)


I restarted every daemon, ensured access through sudo chmod a+rwx FLAC -R , touched the corresponding files, nothing to do.

I removed the btsync folders in the FLAC, removed the btsync share and re-added it : nothing to do.

I created a new folder containing the data, with RW access on HOME, RO in BACKUP : data sent with no problem.


Now I am testing : removing .btsync folders from HOME, BACKUP FLAC folders, removing the FLAC from webui ; re-adding the FLAC share.



on HOME I activated the debugh through echo FFFF > debug.txt

I have a lot of ping .  I also have NAT complaining at the beginning, but it does not prevent upload of new share so I think it is not related.


WHAT should I do ?

I really want to share my HOME folder to work, and save it on BACKUP. I dont want to have RW access on any of those two servers for security reasons.

So btsync seems like the best solution for me. If only it was working in the intended way …

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OK, it seems to be working now.

Last thing I did was a chmod to FLAC/*


now BOTH MP3 and FLAC work (most modifications were propagated during night), while I did NOTHING to MP3 to make it work.

BTW I made HOME and BACKUP use only DHT and tracker (no relay, no lan).


So, it took like … 4 days to start synchronize data ?

I assume I did something wrong, but I can't understand what.

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yes, saw this and installed it on HOME NAS.

Stille need the .deb for ubuntu to be released.


Now the system just works fine : I added 400 MB album in FLAC and it is recognized at once, started upload.


Even better, it seems the upload is better shared among the existing clients, so my NAS actually uploads 50 kB/s data (before it sent the same data to the different client, wasting bandwidth)


However, I notice a high CPU load on my NAS, even prior to the adding of new FLAC. If it becomes too annoying I'll make another thread.


thanks a lot.

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hmm, I can't edit the topic to signal it [solved using 1.3].

I am still moving like 10 GB of flacs, so well I think it's good if it does not crash with the stress I am imposing it :)


it seems the problem is completely solved to me, other issues I may have are not relevant to the topic.

Thanks again :)

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