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There is one interesting release related issue here.

In my experience and understanding, beta is basically a nearly stable official release of the product.

At beta phase, no new bells and whistles are added and no new functionality and, especially, the changes of behavior are to happen.

The very definition of term beta is bug fixes ONLY. It is a final problem resolution phase of the product.

So, to me, to call this product beta stage is simply misleading.

So, if BTSync still continues to develop and/or add all sorts of new bells and whistles, for marketing purposes or otherwise, it would be more appropriate to reclassify BTSync as Alpha state.

In beta state, you are dealing with basically a releasable product where only the final touches remain in terms of fixing bugs ONLY. It is a state of the product when massive testing occurs with all sorts of test suites or otherwise.

Thank you for highlight this, I for one did not know this. I think the marketing devision at BT has to change from the terminology of "beta" to "perpetual beta" instead.

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Thanks for reporting. Seems we identified the root cause of both crashes and LAN issues, I'll update the forum soon.



Thanks for proposal - we'll consider making an option to disable xattr sync.



I've got your feedback about beta status and folder list. For folder list - it is in discussion now and is likely to be changed soon. Also, I would appreciate your feedback in more compact form for future. Thanks for understanding.



I'll pass by your thanks to devs team :). Are you using tracker to connect your PCs in different LANs or you have properly set up routers which let multicast pass?



For crashes I would appreciate crash dumps. Could you please share more info on what is not syncing? Also, which other problems are you facing?


Thanks for the reply. I posted in another thread also about the '.Conflict' folders. This has made a real mess of things and might be unrelated to 1.3 but a problem/feature that should be addressed somewhere.




a) the UI freezes. Happens when switching tabs/adding folders and also seems randomly.


B) The sync just crashes, sometimes on indexing, sometimes while running.


c) The sync is not complete. Even after syncing everything and finally having a stable image on all machines (2 encrypted-read-only machines and 3 full secret machine, all local LAN) it still found more to sync after I reverted to 1.2.92. So, I assume 1.3 actually did fail to sync everything even when it supposedly did.  And yes, I even restarted machines and verified the sync status several times. 


That's all. But enough for me to doubt why I would want 1.3 at this point and also the crashes as rather disconcerting/annoying.


Also, I have already submitted several of the crash dumps on my machines via the automated crash reporting tool.


... Putting all back to 1.2.92 and I'll let you know if I experience any of these problems then.


I like the new UI, would be nice to have some column sorting though!, otherwise I'll wait to this beta gets ironed out a bit.

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Thanks for the feedback and for the crash reports. Let me know if you are willing to help us with 1.3, so I can instruct you what kind of debugs we need.


I'd love to help. But I am depending on this now and although Beta status, have been for the last year with about 750GB of data. I've reverted now. Next round of updates I'll give it a shot. 1.2.92 no crashes yet and also fine with my MyBookLive NAS machine :)

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I have all the compassion for you and I do realize that the amount of information you have to deal with is overbearing, to say the list. OK, I'll try to see what I can do.


Implement the standard program menu and on View menu add a checkmark "Display folders as full path" instead of always showing only the last element on the path and calling it a folder.

Sorry, but I can not make it shorter than this. :)

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BTSync 1.3.67 display locks up

All of a sudden, I could no longer select any other device then the one that was currently selected. Furthermore, right clicking on BTSync icon in Win task bar would screw up the whole windows desktop. Things would go black color, task manager would be surrounded by the black color frame of about 10 pix in size and on the desktop, instead of Explorer windows I would see black holes.

Clicking on the BTSync icon on the taskbar would no longer open the BTSync window.

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Debug logs. If BTSync crashes - core dump. Also - please let me know what kind of data destruction do you see, it is important.

Where does the btsync process dump core? If it's in the directory where the bin is located, then there's no core. I've forgotten many details of Unix because so much runs automatically these days.


By "data destruction" I always mean old-overwrites-new, so I'll make sure to specify that in the future. By the way:


on one Linux device, I'd restore the file from the archive, and then the same device would overwrite it with an older version in about 50% of the cases, without an observable pattern. When I manually copied the file over a second time, the change "took." Also, I observed at some point that my Note 2 was no longer listed as a peer on other devices. That's my backup phone which just stays at home on WiFi without me ever operating it. I checked the phone, and there was no FC or notice of any kind. When I restarted BitTorrent Sync, several of the same files as above were overwritten by older versions. Maybe I made a mistake or forgot something somewhere, but now that this is happening, I'll watch more closely.

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Dump should get dropped next to binary. Please  run "ulimit -c unlimited" command in terminal before reproducing. When you got your files overwritten with older versions - which other peers were online? Androids? Windows?


Also - did you have a chance to get logs?

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OK, then there are no cores. Please say specifically the name of the log file you mean, which I assume is in /var/log somewhere? And I always have all peers online 24/7, except perhaps for one of the Windows laptops.


In the time since my last post, I updated the systems on both my Synology boxes via their update apps, which means there's a clean shutdown and restart. I then restarted btsync manually, as usual. On the first device, no issues. When I did the second device after the first one had fully synced, it overwrote several files with their older versions. Each file was one that had been touched in the couple of hours preceding. I did make sure that no files on any peer were touched while the Linux boxes were updating their systems. So it looks like a version of the Linux reboot issue that has appeared before for some people.

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Thanks for the update!


I've just updated all my devices (3x Linux (Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS), 1 Mac and 1 Windows PC) to the latest version. Both my Mac and Windows PC are in sync. However, my Mac is stuck on uploading ~1kB of data such as and to the Linux boxes. Is this related to this update? 




Best regards and thanks for the great application!





I'm having the exact same issue.


Syncs with other Macs are ok, but the same folders synced to Linux servers (arm and i386) display an endless list of files named "" and "" that apparently are not synced.

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crap, btsync just stopped running on both Linux boxes within 20 minutes of starting them and syncing. Before I manually restart them and restore overwritten files, what diagnostic info do you want, exactly? There's nothing relevant to the btsync process in /var/log/messages. And bin/.sync/sync.log doesn't show anything unseemly. It just ends after a bunch of "incoming connection" entries, which is 6 minutes after the last file's piece was completed.

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I meant sync.log and sync.log.old. It should be stored in your storage folder, if you did not configure it - .sync subfolder in the same folder where binary is.

I've started a thread about this in the troubleshooting forum at

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Ooops. Sorry for the noise! I've been using a conf file for so long now I totally forgot when I wanted to _not_ use one on a new machine that you didn't actually have to. My bad!



Edit: wait...but without using a custom btsync.conf, is there any way to tell btsync where to store the rest of the sync data?

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