Single 5.4 Gb File Not Syncing To Andriod Devices

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This is my setup.


1 Windows

1 OSX (

2 Andriod device

-- 4.4 with 8gb free space (

-- 4.3 with 37gb free space on external sd (exFat) (


I am trying to sync a folder with

1x 700mb movie

1x 5.45 gb movie

misc subtitles.


syncing is fine for the entire folder between windows and osx


the andriod devices only downloads the 700mb movie and subtitles. the 5.45 gb file is not downloaded


all devices has the 2 arrow sign.

on my osx and windows status, it shows up sign 5.4gb for my 2 andriod devices.


The file appears in my transfer window but it disappear after 2 seconds. and upload goes from 0 to a few kb back to 0



logs ->

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Some of the Andorids actually limit file size to 2 or 4Gb regardless of the underlying file system. Could you please collect logs on your Android device ("Send feedback", agree to send logs, put the reference to forum topic) so I can check if this is the issue indeed?



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I reported this months ago and it never got much attention.  From what I can tell any file over 4GB will not sync to Android at all even if the external SD card is formatted exFat which supports files bigger than 4GB.  My workaround was to run an FTP server on Android to transfer files larger than 4GB or use a file manager on Android that supports SMB share and copy it to external SD card.  I do not think its a limitation of Android because I can copy files larger than 4GB onto the external SD card fine using another program just not BT sync.  Happens on Android 4.3 and 4.4 with BT sync 1.2.x and 1.3.77/1.3.80.

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Suntear, myuchan, 


Thanks for reporting, i've reproduced issue in my lab easily. We are working to resolve it.


Any update on this? I'm experiencing exactly the same issue. It appears the 4GB limit is applied by BT sync as other apps that copy using SFTP/FTP/Samba have no issue with larger files.

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