Does Sync Only Transfer Data From One Folder, For Each Peer At A Time?

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For example, if I have 2 folders, and one friend,must BitSync finish transferring one folder to him before it can start on the other?



My friends and I have 4 folders that we're all syncing, and when it was just me and one other person, we had 2 folders in which I had data that they didn't. In folder A, there was 7MiB to send, and in folder B, there was 400MiB. It started transferring folder B, and by the time folder B was down to 100MiB, folder A hadn't budged..


Really quite annoying.

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Nevermind, I'm a silly person who jumps to conclusions.


The actual issue here is that my friend has about 7MiB of mysterious 'Ghost Data' that won't transfer (and we don't know which files this data is supposed to corresspond to.)


Another friend, with the same folder secret as the first, has none of this mysterious data..


Everyone involved, excluding myself, uses Windows 7, and I use Linux 64Bit.

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