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Sync Is Still Runnig But No Data Transmitted On Nas

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I have several sync's between a NAS (dlink DNS-320) and Windows. The Windows-Client shows permanent files been synced, but no datas are transmitted. The WebUI shows the ammounts of data, that has to be synced as shown in the screenshot, but never comes to the message synced on ...

What is wrong? Hwo can I unbloch the sync?


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It depends on why your sync get stuck. Here is some of the most popular reasons:

1. Permissions. The user running btsync on your NAS has no enough permissions for some particular files / folders.

2. SyncIgnore. If some files are in SyncIgnore, the peer which wants to send them (and has no them in sync ignore) will show upload.

3. File locked by some other application.


In 1.3 client you can click the "i" button in Devices tab (Windows and Mac only) to see which files are in upload / download queue, which might help you to locate problematic files.


If all of the above does not help - please collect a debug log from both peers and send me for analysis.

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