Where Do I Get The Actual Bittorrent Sync For Synology Platform?

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this is my first post in this Forum and I hope to keep the required netiquette.


I'm quite new to BitTorrent Sync and currently test this with some friends using Synology systems for which we found the package at  http://synocommunity.com  .


The version there is still 1.3.67-1 but I did not find any information where and how to get the actual 1.3.80.


With thx in advance,

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A thread with "latest build" in the title is always a sticky in the top area of this forum. At the top of that thread, the dev will post a link to the current download versions. For Synology, you can find out what kind of CPU your NAS has by browsing to:



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Many thx, this gave me the idea how to solve my issue:


With your link I got the information that my Synology has an ARM-CPU inside and I downloaded the related zipped tar-ball with 1.3.80, here.

On my Synology I stopped the old installed BitTorrent Sync package but left it installed. Via telnet/SSH access I logged into the Syno as root and replaced the executable btsync in the /volume1/@appstore/btsync/bin directory, giving it the same permissions and ownership like the old one.


That did it for me; after restart of the package I have now 1.3.80 installed.


BTW: For those who cannot configure a Synology share to BitTorrent Sync getting the error "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder": You have to explicitly give the local group users the read/write permissions to that chosen folder. This you can configure at Control Panel -> Shared Folders -> < edit your folder> -> Permissions -> Local groups. There also look also in the Local users menu and correct the permissions to this folders for each user individually if necessary.

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