Merge: Failed To Verify Group Signature Of Files Message, Aborting


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Hi everyone


I have 3 clients sharing the same Folder: 2 linux clients and one windows cilent.


While the two linux clients sync perfectly the windows client does not sync anymore. I started the debugging on the windows client and see that the syncing stops with the an error.


[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FILE1 older (1396202843) than remote (1396209046)
[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FOLDER1 is older (1396202650) than remote (1396796413)
[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FOLDER2 is older (1396205645) than remote (1396209465)
[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FILE2 is older (1396202647) than remote (1396796413)
[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: failed to verify group signature of files message, aborting
[2014-04-06 17:19:43] State sync finished for folder \\?\D:\sync


Any idea how I can find the error? Some of the files listed above do not exist on any of the folders above? Is there a corrupt file on the linux folder or in the databases? 


I updated all clients to 1.3.80 but the error persists.


Any help is appreciated.




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th3bar0n: yes, the support (I think it was denis4inet - see comment above) helped to find the problem and said they will fix it.


What happened? I had some files which had a wrong encoding. At some stage I renamed those files on a linux machine and this was the problem.


This is how I understood the problem: since the encoding was wrong the old entries in the database were not deleted. But the new entries were added. Thus there were entries for not existing files.


What I did to get it fixed: I deleted the whole directory from btsync and added it with a new key. Thus the db was recreated. I did this for all other devices. Btsync still recognized identical files. A complete resync between the devices was not necessary. As I said above I had more than 100G shared on 3 devices. A complete resync would have been annoying but was not necessary.


Regards and Good Luck


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Hi sebneu - Thank you for your reply.


Finally tracked my issue down to a picture file with a messed up modified date (came up as 2097 on linux and 1961 on windows!).


Out of 14,000 files it was a bit of a needle in a haystack but all syncing happily now :).

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