Same (Couple Of) Files Update Every Time Computers Sync

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I apologize if this is something that's been covered, but I searched and wasn't able to find anything pertaining to this issue.


Every 10 mins when my two computers sync, there are six particular files that update every single time even though they haven't been altered or even opened.  They are part of a 45+ gig folder that I keep sync'd up.  Two excel files and four pictures (.png extension).


Both computers are running Win7, and both running Sync ver 1.2.91.   Any ideas are appreciated.







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Did you had a chance to get debug logs? They might reflect what was wrong with these files.

I'm sorry, but I did not.  On a whim, I tried renaming the files just after I posted to the forum and it seemed to fix it, so I did not go any farther.  If it occurs again, I will do that.  I have seen it a couple times now.  Thanks for following up. 




     Looks like I actually did have it running at the time.  I've attached the portion that pertains to my issue.  Thanks again!

bittorrent synclog.txt

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