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The Total Down Rate Is Twice Than The Sum Of Downloadings

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I am using BTsync 1.3.80 in 2 windows sites. I am now dowloading from site A to site B and it will take a few days to sync completely.


The issue is that in site B the total down speed in the bottom of the app window is from 1.5 to 2 times the sum of total speed. Site B is dowloading now at a sustained rate of 210 kB/s at the bottom of the screen while the sum of the three dowloads at this time is 101 kB/s. What is the effective transmission rate?


The same can be seen in site A but in the up direction.


It has been behaving like this for days now. What is the explanation of that behaviour? Is BTSync using twice the amount of the effective bandwidth?






Edit: Found another thread reporting this issue in version 1.3.80: so no need for this thread, sorry about that..

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