Bts Is Stuck


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I have 15 separate share folders, which are shared with about a dozen different computers (not all computers have all folders), with the largest folder containing 140GB.


One of my folders is "stuck" on two specific files.  They are ordinary PDF files, not particularly large.  I have checked in the file system and there is nothing unusual about them - they are not read-only or with special permissions.


But for some reason, BTS is continually attempting to upload them and apparently failing.


I was using 1.2.92.  Today I saw 1.3.86 so I decided to upgrade, thinking it might fix the problem.


It hasn't.  Instead, your useful list of files-to-upload has revealed a far worse problem - with BTS stuck on these two files, it apparently isn't syncing anything else.


The "up" and "down" numbers flicker around, going up and down, but the files never complete.


I am emailing my log files shortly.

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