No Api On Ubuntu On Fresh Install


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I've attempted to install BtSync on my Ubuntu box. Installation seems to go well, but when I try to run the app I get this error message:


cannot implement due to missing api


The error shows in the BitTorrent Sync app dialog in both the Transfers and History tabs.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the "GUI" and command line versions. The web-based interface sometimes will show a username and password interface, but nothing satisfies this dialog; I can't put in a new ID, use the default ID, nothing.


If uninstalling and starting fresh is the right way to go, I'm willing to do that; I'm worried that there are now hidden settings that uninstalling is not removing, and this is why my follow-up attempts are not working.


thanks in advance for any advice.



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Hi Jorah,


sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately I was very ill and I could not read any mails...


There is nothing wrong with your application. The phrase "Cannot implement due to missing api" means that I cannot implement this functionality, since the BitTorrent Sync API currently does not provide any function that would return the needed data, but it is planned to implement this in the future.


See Issue #75 and Issue #76.




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